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Fan Expo 2006 - Toronto

yer, 2 entries, 1 day?
Not again. -_-;;; baka

Okay so on Saturday I went to the Convention, and spend an unknown amount of cash. >.>

Saw some cool costumes, ran into a friend, whom I mangaed to misplace within the con somewhere >> oh well...

I got 5 posters
3 Free posters >>
total: 8 posters

Bought posters: AC, Trigun, Satoshi from DNAngel, Clound close up from AC, and another DNAngel one.
Free: E... (something that starts with an E), and 2 Karas ones

Some Pocky....

1 DVD - vol 1 of Erementar Gerad (Elemental Gelade)

4 mangas
DNAngel vol 11
Black Cat vol 1
Ouran vol 6
Ouran vol 7

2 Plushies
Mokona small
Renji big >>" <-- he was just so cute!

and um... oh yeah... an Action Figure....
Cloud from AC.

I plan on viewing Pan's site for wonderful pics! ^^
Pan's site
Wait for a few days though...


Why don't ppl label the exits clearly?

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