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dark-alone [userpic]


May 11th, 2008 (03:54 pm)

What an awesome episode... that only took me like 5hrs to d/l.

Code Geass R2 episode 6

Nunnally choose Suzaku (happily, she was smiling damnit!) over her brother, i mean he was appearing as Zero, but still it HURTS!!!

and and... i had fear for my Karen too. (yes one spells it like that, not with a double L, do i look stupid?)

oh oh1 and at the begining Rolo popped up, and used his geass so Lelouch could talk to Nunally for a few seconds

and ummm.....

Can I kiss you?
Seriously, i can't be the only one thinking that.


Posted by: kanharu (kanharu)
Posted at: May 19th, 2008 02:28 pm (UTC)
Shirogane x Akira

^^ Nunally and Suzaku...mmm, not that I dislike it but eeerhm, another Euphy for the White Knight? ^^''' Sukaku was my favorite chara back then, but now pisses me off a bit *buuuh*
Yeeees, Rolo, a bit more and you will get Lelouch XDXDXD kiss him kiss him!! *^_^*v

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