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Smallville & Supernatural

well well.... seasons are starting to end for me.

Spoiler cut ahead, but to those who may or may not see this on Facebook... sure sucks to be you. XD

Lex & Clark showdown..... what showdown? Thanks for the hype, but the episode was wasted on Chole, Jimmy, Lois, and self pitying Clark, like every episode is. Lana's flew the coop; Lex will not be in many eps next season, and this is what they give me? BS.

Supernatural.... Again where the hell was my showdown I was promised? Dean, Sam, & Bobby vs Lilith..... Yeah... sure... and those 5 min commercial breaks, WTF was that about? After I got through one 5 min break filled with Gossip Girl & One Tree Hill, i didn't even care what was gonna happen on the show. I also knew Dean would die. Now He's in hell been tortured.... maybe it'll be like Buffy, and 100s of year will just go by in a few months and he'll come back as the Big Bad? No probably not. IF he comes back at all it'll be up to Sam to do it, and hontestly, I don't think he has it in him. Sure in the past, whenever he knew Dean would die he would be able to will things to move and whatnot to be able to save Dean, and only Dean, but now he's like puppy-dog Clark, pretty damn useless by himself. Yeah, I don't really like Sam, never have. Can you tell? Maybe I'll try to d/l the ep, because it would be so much better w/o 20mins or more of commericals about gossip girl & one tree hill. Who the hell can watch that crap?

Anyways... 2 letdowns. Brainiac was good to see, as in in James Marsters appearance, not looking like Kara, but i feel they made him weaker, to make Clark look more like something, than pathetic. Supernatural... I'm not even sure if they showed the whole episode. I mean at least 20mins of commericals, and an ep is 43mins, including credits, and I'm not even counting the commericals they showed before playing the credits, so yeah, you do the math.
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