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finally brought myself to watch transformers the 2007 movie US made

and well it wasn't too bad, but I HATE that they changed their appearances. I HATE that they didn't use Frank Welker. HE'S STILL ALIVE YOU ASSHOLES. I mean there are only 2 megatrons that should have been used, 1) Frank Welker the original; and 2) David Kaye.

And what the fuck was up with Optimus swinging around like a gorilla? This is the classic Optimus, not Beast Wars version, you idiots. But at least the were kind enough to use Peter Cullen, the original Optimus Prime. #2 is Gary Chalk (Garry).

But the world is not kind to voice actors, they'd rather use actors who honestly fail at doing voices. Why? who the fuck knows.

Sugre was in it! I think he got hurt or something thought cuz he disappeared somewhere into it. Naturally they kept Leo around.

Sugre = Prison Break
Leo = All My Children = Josh D____ something. He'll always be Leo to me.

Tom Lenk (Andrew, BtVS) was in it a bit more than i thought he would be considering his character was nameless: "Analyst". He even had a few speaking lines, and really another nerd? XD Didn't come across gay though, sadly.

Also what the hell was up with the Decepticons speaking non-english? I don't remember no subs as translations. Major fail. Autobots can speak English, but Decepticons can't? umm, yeah... that makes sense, you idiots. And it's the Junkions (forgive the spelling, the bots from the planet of Junk) that speak TV, not the Autobots. Starscream was even half a crazy as he should have been. He was always a coward.

Also, BTW, Scorponok didn't appear until Beast Wars. Animal-like Transformers were RARE in the original series, which is what this movie claimed to be based off of. At some point they do make the Dinobots, as completely stupid as they are.

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