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What next?

First you have that shit called the writers strike. (maybe you should stop thinking of yourselves and think of the crews)
Then there's this apparent looming threat of an actors strike (cuz god knows those bastards don't get paid enough as it is)

And now Universal Studios in LA is on fire.
This is the only thing of concern to me, the other 2 things were about greediness, while this is just horrible.

What i've been able to get from various sources:
  • blaze started around 4:44am
  • no injuries as of yet (reported ones)
  • 100 - 200 firefighters (unsure on the number)
  • at least one explosion (source: propane tank, most likely)
  • 2 helicopters dropping water
  • there may have been filming going on at the time
  • at least one sound stage and several other buildings, were lost within 30 minutes
  • the King Kong exhibit building is a total loss
    • the roof may soon collapse
    • flames shot as high as 100 feet through the roof
  • firefighters were trying to protect the film vault
    • the Film Vault is now buring
  • variety.com is reporting:
    • "The station newscast is reporting that the fire broke out on the New York City street soundstage, on the Lankershim Blvd. side of the studio, and that the blaze has already spread to the theme park, with the "Earthquake" attraction already damaged."
  • started in a sound stage
  • Desperate Housewives & CSI are filmed at universal (in case you were wondering)

  • facades - are made of timber; tend to burn freely and quickly

more later, most likely.
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