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How depressing was that?
I was completely bored, and now i've got nothing to say.
Papa's voice... ICK!
Rukia -- *hits some poor sap in the head with a brick*

And the whole time Ichigo was talking i kept thinking about Renton in Eureka 7... damn them for showing them so close together. >.<

How does English Ichigo compare to Japanese Ichigo?

I'm sure Johnny Yong Bosch is a great guy... I didn't like him in Power Rangers tho... >.> Anyways, but compared to Morita Masakazu, he's no winner, that's for sure. Just not Hyper enough.

Oh OMG... at the end of the ep, you know the 'next time' part with Kon... WTH was that? what kind of a voice is that for Kon?! Maybe they should switch Ichigo's dad with Kon, geez.... Isshin! that's his name, couldn't remember it. -_-'''

Did mention that it started at 10:30pm, and but 10:45pm I was read DNAngel vol 11, and not really paying much attention, until the end credits with Rie Fu's Life Is Like A Boat, where i went: 'Ooh... Hi-light!' Complete attention, and of course YTV shrunk it and advertized GI Joe >.<

Let's see, what else can i rant about?
Karin's name... the pronouncation was bothering me, and also when ever Yusu's VA said Ichigo, it came out so forced, like someone was threatening to chop of her toes, if she didn't say it. Oh, look at that it's the same VA that does Rukia's voice, Michelle Ruff.

I'm still holding on to hope that DSP does an excellent job as Ishida.
He's the reason I decided to give this a shot.
But i'm worried about who'll they'll cast for Renji, & Byakuya.
May I suggest Steven Jay Blum for one of them PLEASE ^^

later days...
Like maybe... Again Tomorrow?

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