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Is that true?

Is there really no such thing as bad publicity?
Well WTF? Tell that to vampirefreaks.com members, who much like anyone here, are just ppl who joined up to blog, only with 1 common trait: Gothic. Now if you've been under a rock since yesturday, Wednesday September 13th, you've heard about the Dawson College shooting in Montreal.  You've maybe also heard that the shooter, Kimveer Gill, 25, enjoyed playing an online RPG about the Columbine shootings. Where did they get most, if not all of this information? From his blog located at vampirefreaks.com.

So naturally, everyone is up in arms about that one blog site, but shouldn't they be bad mouthing them all?  Like LJ, i'm sure has a huge amount members, prolly more then VF does.  I've been to VF, I may have joined a one point, though I do not (sadly) remember my sign-in info. 

Anyways, I found a 'member' who joined today, and simply blasted the members there for not showing any remorse for the events.  Maybe that's because Goths, once again, are being bashed and called psyhco freaks. 
urfreaks, 25 - "the shooter was a memeber here, he used to have pics with guns and claimed that he loved massacres, why didnt any of you report him, I guess none of you really cared, and then you wonder why people have trouble accepting your ways!!! They should shut down this site!!"

Grow up.  Maybe this erson knew him, and just turned a blind eye to him and ignored him?  Who knows? Who cares?  Not I.  Though I do care we IDIOTS attack a race, a belief, a whatever! because one branded that does something increditably stupid, because he or she was ignored, or simply felt completely alone, and believed they had no one who cared.

Fine you want to suddenly join VF, FINE.  If you want to just attack the People there, FINE.  But what does that make you?  Maybe you are the SICK FREAK.  If you need to vent get yourself a blog, and then you'll be just like those at VF are, a member of a blog site, but perhaps you already are.

We are all FREAKS.
And we all at some point or another feel completely alone.  But each person deals with that in their own way.  Sometimes the person just gets too broken to be able to find the way back.  I'm not supporting what he did,  nor what happened  in the  Columbine incident, but that doesn't give ANYONE the right to flame, or do harm  to anyone who 'they' feel deserves it. Believe it or not, one goth doesn't know every goth.

On the topic of the pictures, I know ppl that do stock photo with weapons, real or fake, it doesn't matter, for that does mean they are going to go kill ppl with them, nor does just stating you love massacres, mean that you will go out and shoot ppl.

SHIT HAPPENS people you can't prevent it.

Just on the news.... Oh look... he lived with his parents....
We wouldn't want to point a finger at the people closest to him. The ones who SHOULD have known him best, but clearly couldn't take the time to be there for their son.

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