dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,


Well i should just be happy with 12 good eps of CG R2, right?
I mean i KNEW they would fail to deliver at some point.

Spoilers: (if you can call them that)

12 in a nut shell was a waste of time.
Good Points:
We see MinaJun's character return.
Rolo x Lelouch in a closet/locker thing
Karen is shown for less than a minute with Nunnally

all the damn shirely shit. Who cares? She's worthless, and they NEED to kill her off.
No C.C.? what's with that?

I wonder when I started watching this show for mainly Karen? So much so, I didn't even realize it til now.
12 secs didn't do it for me. It's like Allelujah all over again. I want air time and speaking!
Tags: anime: code geass r2
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