dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Vampire Knight OST

I saw this pop up on TT today, so i d/led it.
It's in 128kbps; 49MB zip

01. Opening (futatsu no kodou to akai tsuki music) TV-Size
02. Main Theme
03. Yuuki Cross' Theme
04. Zero Kiryuu's Theme
05. Kaname Kuran's Theme
06. Mystical Night Class
07. Elegant Night Class
08. Yuuki's Recollection
09. Oridinary Day Class
10. Everyday Affairs
11. Usual Life
12. I Have A Dream
13. Zero's Memory
14. Hidden Truth
15. Secret
16. Forbidden Act
17. Destined Twins
18. Maria Kurenai's Theme
19. Hiou Shizuka's Theme
20. Insecurity
21. Level E
22. Vampire Hunter
23. Unfavorable Incident
24. Intense Nervousness
25. Mysterious Atmosphere
26. Solitude
27. Heart-Wrenching Sorrow
28. Social Ball
29. Majestic Vampire
30. Ending - (Still Doll) TV-Size

MF - Link -
SharerOnAll - Link -
Tags: anime: vampire knight, download, download: music

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