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Gundam 00 English Cast

And that person told me they wouldn't tel us..... Lying to me like that. >.<

Anyways..... *drum roll*

Setsuna F. SeieiMamoru MiyanoBrad Swaile
Allelujah HaptismHiroyuki YoshinoRichard Ian Cox
Lockon StratosShinichiro Miki Alex Zahara
Tieria ErdeHiroshi KamiyaSamuel Vincent

Servilely neglected, but lets play with Ashita He's Seiyuu section. Nit updated in an unknown amount of time. please forgive me...

Okay these are my Canadians (some were not born here, but are Canadian none-the-less)

Cox Richard - Alle/Halle
Dobson Michael
Dobson Paul
Drummond Brian
Francis Andrew
Henderson Saffron
Hildreth Mark
Kaye David
McNeil Scott
Morrow Kirby
Swaile Brad - Setsuna

I'd list all my Seiyuu but--but-- TOO MANY!!! Also the above have as good as chance as any to be casted in some way in Gundam 00.

Fujiwara Keiji - Ali Al--Saachez
Irino Miyu - um... Daisuke? XD ah crap... Saji...
Konishi Katsuyuki - Johann Trinity
Miki Shinichirou - Lockon
Miyano Mamoru - Setsuna
Nakamura Yuuichi - Graham
Namikawa Daisuke - Michael trinity
Neya Michiko - um.. Nena (just for got her name -_-'') Trinity
Paku Romi - Regene Regetta
Yoshino Hiroyuki - Alle/Halle

maybe some VA images later...?
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