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I Did! I did! Yes I did. ^__^

um... okay than....

During my 15 min break at workm I jetted on over to Cinema 1 (store that sells Movies. XD ) which is right across from the food court, anyways headed on in because i had decided that having volume 1 of Guren-Lagann, which contains eps 1 - 9 on discs would be great because I only want 1 - 8 anyway. So I went in and over to the anime section and I was so happy cuz they had it. I picked up t6he last copy of the Speical Edition that comes with a CD, and it was on sale so even cheaper then what i was expecting to pay by what it said online. ^^ $31.99 (w taxes: 36.15) That's not too bad. ^^
Now to get something to eat.
Tags: anime: guren lagaan

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