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Ouran 25... festival... huh?

So in prepations for Ouran 25....

Okay i may not fully understand Japanese, but i do get the images.
Anyways in prepation for this eppie I read vol 6 of the manga where the Festival takes place.... completely different, like what happened to the competition? I so wanted to see that! And this girl, where the hell? what episode is she from? (author calls the chapters, episodes in the manga) Is she like from vol 8 or something? I was waiting for Tamaki's grandma to be more mean sounding and violent... that bitch.

umm... let's see adding in a slow manner Ouran to my website ^^
Smile & Wave
Umm what else?

shared a couple of songs elsewhere, so ill share them here too. ^^
Always... by Hoshi Souichiro
[Prince of Tennis]
White Line -Ryoma Version- by Minagawa Junko
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