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Character bios

You know the thing I hate most about working on my site, is the character bios. I mean sure the graphics required for each character is annoying and time eating but, actually typing up my opinions and views of a character takes so much time that i usually end up doing a great super long ass job on 1 of them and nothing for the rest. XD

Take for example the last series i added to my site, CG R2.... bio wise... just Karen. XD Pre-ep 6, too. it's long, it's not proof-read, nor is it spell checked. It's just raw and there, as are all my blurbs, only thing is, some character just get a "coming soon" and nothing more... ever. XD At least in some cases they have at least bio stats. R2 Karen doesn't even have a image yet. XD

but the site is sporting a new CG R2 - Karen x lelouch layout (ordered that way, karen x lelouch, because she is on the left....) all vectored.

ugh had this majorly bad migraine yesterday. the kind that makes you feel like you're gonna throw up. It was that or a migraine mixed with the stomach flu that is going around, seeing as i still don't feel good, stomach-wise. But i can eat cucumbers.... skipped supper last nite......
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