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Scans scans scans

Scanning is annoying XD

Okay Pick-Up Voice 8 2008
Gundam 00

Now here's the deal. I scanned and resized for smaller less blurry, RARed them all and it came to just under 80MB. Uploaded the RAR to 2 different spots, and then decided to resize them even smaller just in case no one else is as insane as me. Should still be readable.

16 pages


Why is Yoshino Hiroyuki always wearing those huge sunglasses?
No idea.

Why is Miki Shin-ichiro always in the crease?
Because they hate us!

Why are your scans so big?
Because I'm insane, and think bigger is better, even if that means they look awful. Since when you shrink something it often looks better. XD

Who are Yocchin & Mamo-chan?
Yoshino Hiroyuki & Miyano Mamoru.

Why are Miki-san and Kamiya wearing scarfs, while Yocchin is in shorts?
Good question....

If anyone knows where i can get a necklace like Mamo-chan's tell me.

Jumbo (80MB): MF - SS
Smaller, but still big (21MB): YSI - MU - SS

Credit me if used.
Feel free to make icons or whatever out of these. ^^
Tags: anime: gundam 00, scans, scans:pick-up voice, seiyuu: kamiya hiroshi, seiyuu: miki shinichiro, seiyuu: miyano mamoru, seiyuu: yoshino hiroyuki
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