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My Mary-Anne got her surgery date bumped up for her hip replacement, which is GREAT! But also not so great. I mean i'm very happy for her, cuz i know she's been in a lot of pain for a long time nw, but I'm gonna miss her! She'll be off for 3 months!

Anyways I picked her up something during break. Nothing big, or expensive, but just a little something, I mean 3 months w/o her, that sucks, but it's a good thing, and this is my "surgery flowers" as it were.

The Hudson Bay Company got bought up by NRDC Equity Partners. Who own the Lord and Taylor department stores in the US.
Now, really, it's not NEW for the company to be owned by an American, Jerry Zucker was American, after all. However there were terms that made it so the company would remain as Canadian as possible. Not so this time though.  They've even made statements about how some of The Bay stores are too big, and would mean they would be adding in speciality shops: Fortunoff Jewelry Stores and Fortunoff Home Departments. Guess what? We already have a jewelry department and furniture. But if they think some stores are too big, that will most likely include White Oaks store, i mean we have 2 floors.  We're so screwed. ~_~

Eastern Promises.

Watched this movie today. Then bought it today. XD
Umm.... the plot confused me to no end, like the one on the info in the TMN On Demand thing. I seriously thought it would be fully in English, since it was in London, England..... BUT it was half or more in Russian. XD Viggo was speaking Russian, and i was like: "we're in London, right?" A small sex scene. A NUDE fight scene. Yes, Viggo was NUDE, while fighting 2 guys who were fully dressed.

In short.... David Cronenberg scares me. But this movie was great. "A History of Violence" sucked, but this one was fine.

Rated 18A for Brutal violence, gory scenes, & sexuaal content.
but what do you expect from a mob related story?
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