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Just to be random

I decided to go Paid Account.

upon doing that i can now have 35 icons....

This could be fun. But i'll have to restock them tomorrow.

ooo! new Loveless chapter! *downloads* and it has a translation. Oh the love.

everyting is d/ling slooooooooooooow.....

This is such a spam entry. I'm so sorry!

um, Neverwinter Nights 2.... My favourite character is Bishop. XD Oh god, i find him so funny, and completely the type of person i'd hang around. Sure he's rude.. and mean.. but oddly adorable. Followed by Sand, so is also one to think highly of himself. They both have good voices too. >.>
Tags: anime: loveless, games: nwn2, lj, rpg

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