dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

I've ben waiting for this moment....

No it's not about Code Geass....

Thankfully he's never been on that show.
I LOVE him but, WTF?
I-- sorry... Konitan, i'm talking about him.

i love you! But why oh way do they enjoy Killing your characters?
Let's hope it's over at this one, i mean it'll make 3 characters, and these things come in 3 right?

Kamina, Johann, Oozma. STOP. STOP. STOP!!!

Code Geass: I'm still waiting, Lelouch. STILL WAITING!

I wanna add tags to my layout and still have the header image, but i can't figure it out!

Alto & Ranka!
I know it's evil, but i hate Sheryl.
I'm amused however that fans of Sheryl, can't understand why Ranka fans love to see her lose.
I mean, HELLO, if she's failing it's better for us.
It's the same for Sheryl fans when Ranka loses ground.

Does your brian hurt now?
can you read me?

my head hurts... canuseewhatimsayingatallorisitjustgibberish?
Tags: anime: macross frontier

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