dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

bitch bitch bitch bitch... annoyance

 zombieloan , I had no plans to try to be helpful there again, i mean WTF?
Okay so this member posts requesting ep 13. And since I had just d/led the real media version of the 12-13 chinese sub on dmhy, i said as much and linked it.

Sounds reasonable right? And helpful, ne? WRONG.

Post starter is not the problem, btw. Well not completely. I had to tell her that only REAL player will play that kind of file. THAT wasn't good enough for her.

BEGGARS cannot be choosers right?

Responder #2: "How about RAW? And not in Torrent? *Is clueless about Torrents*"
Me: "never seen it anywhere else, so i've never seen it not BT, or raw. XD
Me:I was just happy to fine it at all. Maybe "lucky" would be the word. ^^"
R2: "Aw. =(
R2: You have it downloaded, right? Can you upload it elsewhere? =D *Hopeful*"
Me: (i had said above that i wouldn't be u/ling it)
Me: "
as i said above, i cannot u/l it somewhere. Mainly because my Internet connect fails at uploading huge files. I could do 100MB, but not 300+"
R2: "
How about splitting the files? Into 3 or 4 parts using HJSplit. Then it can be combined after downloading using the same program. ^^"
Me: "
ummm... no.

From what I understand the fansub group has the raw in their hands, they just need to sub it, if they choose to do so. So wait.

Since you can't be bothered to d/l uTorrent.
Maybe if i had endless time i would spend hours u/ling this, but I do not.
Since I don't know why I should spend hours 'spliting' & u/ling, when you could just Spend less time using uTorrent."
What i really wanted to say was: Fuck Off. I mean somehow it is OKAY for me to learn something new, but not this baka? Well thank you very much, there's no fucking way I'm doing that.

I know what HJSplit is, but i'm still not doing it.

And they can't possibly be happy unless it's raw. Well fuck you.

in other news.... My shoulder is fucking killing me. I should say my left shoulder and upper arm. Wore a tension bandage on it all night, and slept on my left side, which is something I never do, but it was to sore to be on my right side. u.u
Mary-Anne had her surgery last week, and from what I understand she's doing fine. ^^ Just 12 more weeks or so until she returns. T_T

Tags: anime: zombie loan

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