dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

I digress...

I watched Live Free or Die Hard today. It was so enjoyable.

Well here's the stitch. Saw a bit of it at the cottage, and decided to track down the $9.99 DVD.
So failed to do so on Sunday, and stumbled upon on TV, The sisterhood of the travelling pants. Of which, honestly because of it's title I never bothered to watch, and watched it. I missed like 30mins of it though. And my gawd AmTam can still make me cry. XD I mean it's not like a couple of the other girls weren't all teary at times, but i just had no sympathy for them at all. lol
AmTam's eyes get a tad watery and so it mine.... It was so.... well.... you know. :p

So I went to Futureshop today (technically it's tuesday now but....)  Picked up Live Free or Die Hard (9.99), Die Hard & Die Hard 2 (2 for $20) & The sisterhood of the Travelling Pants ($6.99)

So upgrades for DieHard 1 & 2, and i can get rid of those VHS ones now. I never liked DH 3, it sucked.
Tags: movies: die hard

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