dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Post 2 of the day: CDJapan

Made an order.
Used gokumew2's link this time.

MIKI SHINISHIRO come across Lockon Stratos / UNTITLED *first press


VELTPUNCH / Paint your life gray

when looking for Miki's search: "Miki" it should be the first thing on the list. If you try Gundam 00 nothing comes up. Dunno why. It's also hard to find Mamo-chan's.

Yes, Veltpunch are the ones who did Nabari no Ou's OP. ^_^

I hope Yocchin's is next though. My luck his will be last. I do plan on getting Kamiya's too, don't worry. XD

and my CG PT1 LE is at the post office. Thank gawd for tracking numbers. Why? you may ask? because of this: "Attempted delivery. Notice card left indicating where item can be picked up. " <-- um.... i ain't got no card. You liar! They better give me my package without the notice card or someone's gonna pay!
Tags: anime: code geass r2, anime: gundam 00, music: veltpunch, seiyuu: miki shinichiro, stores: cdjapan

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