July 24th, 2004

sleepy ash

passing time...

jul.24th.2004 - 5:56pm

i'm currently listening to every single mp3 on my 2nd PC... some of that stuff is just really-- what's the word? Interesting? maybe, perhaps, so maybe i don't know, okay? Fuck im having a hard time typing right now maybe i should go paint instead.
if ownly-- is that a fucking word? well whatever! i could find any slit jowel referances... damn internet never has what you need-- NEVER!!!
oh Dogstar is playing now.. brings back Oshawa memories @ Durham College-- which is now a college/university... that's right it is also the University of Ontario.. i hope the teachers skills have improved, bastards. i'm only bitter-- A LOT!!!! Stupid lousy pissants!

you know how hard it is to find black nail polish in London, Ontario? FREAKING HARD!!!! Thank gog for the SUPERSTORE. i mean that chick in the drug looked at me and said: 'we only have that at Halloween.' Reelly? Why don't you jump in a lake, and drown? and thatchick in the 'San Deigo' store.. i was checking out the bongs, yes they have those things, who doesn't? you can sell them, but state they are for incense.. un-huh sure whatever you say.. anyway i checking them out and this chick who worked there looked at me, with this disgusted look on her face-- This could bring me to Steph's encounter with the Jewerey student in the washroom...

gawd could London have anymore birds? K-W was better.. im just glad im not in Peterborough, like Jen, Carla, Allison-- wonder how they're doing?

i actually visited good old Harriston, i mean im still not used to the Tim Horton's there. anyways i spend an hour and a half in the CEMENTERY taking pictures and doing a few sketches. stopped by CARRIE KAYE's graveit was this little stone cross, with a 'K' on it... not her name, that was on a paper behind some glass.. it was ripply too...
that's it for now... im watching SEAQUEST, so bai-bai
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