July 30th, 2004

sleepy ash

(no subject)

well a very unsuccessful trip to Palmerston... went to retrieve the Ponies, which seem to be located @ my grandma's & not thee old home.. so we need to go back up went my Dad's there so we can go over to my Grandma's.. she wasn't supposed to be home yet, still in quebec with Dave and Nancey, but they decided it was too expensive and came home early... bastards.
but what is really got my back up is that my website's down, as O-U had a disk failure.. Chief said the sites should be back up in a few days... man i miss my site.. i really wanted to chat with the visitors, and above all else UPDATE!! but i love O-U and i will have to stick it out...
note: the aboveness... 'why can't you and your mom go over to your Grandma's house?'
well to put it simply... my parents, my Grandma being my Dad's mom by the way, are no longer together.
on the topic of my grandma.. Happy Belated Birthday!!! as its after midnight, and her Birthday was July 29th, i'm late annoncing it to the net.. She turned 70...

i want my site back!!!! *cries* ilove my site, i miss my site....

ps got sick of my pic, so i replaced it with Sesshoumaru :p