August 15th, 2004

sleepy ash

long time no see

I did forget about here? No of course not!
Yes actaully I did. ha ha ha... Fuck this man, I got my site back up and running nicely. If you want to know about me, i would be best to stop by there from time to time, anyhow. I've got a shout box, that is more like a chat room, and the mexican scary gut hasn't been around for a week now, so that is good. Ahh what else.. I've applied the nice grey background with Sesshoumaru to my Site... Headstrong - there's the link to my site. Beware of Angelica who now has seen the Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie 3 times.

When to see Jammi today. Jan & Tammi, she looking very pregant now, and I mean VERY. Plus who knew Peggy could knit? And Jennifer Shannon too. Plus Jen & Adam Bramhill are finally engaged, Rob & Josie's 1st wedding annie is on Oct 10th. The next news maybe will be that they are pregant, who knows?

Back to my life which is my site!
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