October 25th, 2004

sleepy ash

feeling sorta Happy!

I saw Rose today! She was at the school, it's her reading week. Yay!
I got her email too, so bonus yay!
You know it really is like being drunk. Excepting inhaling chemicals isn't really too good for you, or your body. And yes it may have been 2-3 weeks since it was working, the ventilation system. So that's why i've been feeling really tired, sickly and just all round shitty.

It's now working again though. So back to doing prints, and all that. Through now if I paint in my room the varsol fumes bother me, and they never did before. But I think i'm still trying to get the chemicals out of my system.

But props to Rose, for making my day off, while still being at school doing work, a great day!
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    Eyes On Me by Faye Wong from Final Fantasy VIII