December 5th, 2004

sleepy ash

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My stupid roommate wrote me a letter, so here it is with my added comments.  And I think she used simple words on purpose.


We need to talk and I thought this way would be the best way to express our concerns about how we have been living. If I have ever made you upset or mad [like when you have 2 friends over for a weekend & played non-stop loud music while i was trying to sleep?] I am sorry I never meant to, thats not who I am. The notes that you leave posted on the walls [what to & not to recycle]  really make me uncomfortable and I would prefer if you told me how you felt instead of leaving coments [comments... like clean up your fucking crumbs!?!] on your door, in the kitchen and bathroom for me to find [I don't not post endless notes as she is stating here]. This is not the way things should be between roommates.  [Not true, I've had one good roommate and the others I've wanted to kill so I think it's going well]

Maybe we should make some sort of cleaning schedual because I feel like i clean more than you do and you obviously think that you pick up after me. [I like to state when ever  i have time on the weekend to clean, i do.  She may take out the trash more then me.  but i'm always the one that has to  fix the toilet, sweep & mop the floors, clean the mircowave and so on...]

 I know your not my mom, and I know what food is yours and what food is mine [Not sure where this came from]. I am not going to eat anything that doesn't belong to me. [She better not eat my food]

The sink is for brushing your teeth so yes I do spit once and awhlie [this is tru, but you are suppose to clean off the spit afterwords, dumbass] it would be nice to think that I can leave the kitchen door open for a bit so ppl can talk to us [i have homework idiot!]. I am going to be honest with you I have gone to Justin to see if I can move out [please pray that this happens for me], I told him the situation and we have talked about it and we don't know if it's going to happen.

I don't want things to continue this way cause I feel I cant live my life [nice to know someone has time to have a life, or just doesn't care about school perhaps]. Hopefully this letter does not upset you [i think it's fucking funny], thats not what I am trying to do. I am trying to let you know how I feel in the easiest and nicest way I know how.

Please write me back or come and talk to me to let me know how you feel. [i did, and now i'm waiting for my next letter...]


Now i must continue to work on my sculpture.
Bai bai
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