December 24th, 2004

sleepy ash

Happy Christmukah!

Don't underestimate the power of Christmukah! Okay so if you don't watch the OC, u won't understand.  But still it's fun to say.  So I wanted it to be white for xmas,  so i guess i got what i desevred.... a shit-load of the white stuff.  Today wasn't too bad, but yesturday was horrible.  From Windsor, thru here, and up all the way past Barrie.  It even hit TO.  Not that it matters since Jammi and da baby, uh, Jan, Tammi, and Leila are all warm, and snowless on Grand Cayman someplace, swimming.  Yes I said swimming, even little Leila.

The best I can do for christmas cheer. 


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    It's Christmas Time Again - Blink 182