January 5th, 2005

sleepy ash

baka baka goose!

So last night around 11:30 pm we had a fire alarm. I was trying to sleep! I got up grabbed some warmer clothes, found my hat, and stumbled out into the hall. Then down the stairs out a door, into the brisk air and over to circle the school. When they left, the firemen, as i was heading in, i heard some ppl chanting: '4th floor sucks'. Guess what i'm on the 4th floor! Somebody, not nessacarily from my floor though, had opened the compartment where a fire extingisher is kept and removed it. Then caused it to spray all over the place, setting off the fire alarm. We had to heard into the mail room to get a speech from Sarah. Most of the ppl on the floor were in pjs. Whoever it was is a fucking moron or morons, which may be more like it.
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