March 3rd, 2005

sleepy ash

1 More day!

Ahhh! Just one more day until my/our/2nd yrs Exhibition opens!
At friday @ 7pm, in the Campus Gallery, of which no one knows how to find, @ Georgian College, in lovely Barrie, where it's -28c with the wind chill.
So after having a drink, and deciding to go with Em & tab to watch porn on a bigass screen in the school and finding the room in use til 10pm, Em and I wondered around from D, to the other theatre looking for Tab. Anyways, you know how MacGuyver using a card to open doors? Well Em did that to the theatre door and it opened! Then we wondered around in the dark and didn't die. Then we left to find Tab, in the D building. Well I did and we were joined by Mar. We went to Em, who then convinced Tab and Mar to come with us to break in again. We walkws the rafters, where the lighting crew would be. They are fairly messy ppl. Next using the same trick entered the photo room. It wasn't as cool. After that Tab left before us, and then we decided to go back to the bar, and picked up Tab. While there we were joined by Sean, and later S Megan.
This was on Tuesday night so Steve & Chris were there. Mar left.

(Em = Emery, Tab = Tabitha, Mar = Margaret)
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