March 23rd, 2005

sleepy ash

ah the smell of hot glue...

working on my final major sculpture project. I get to break glass bottles and then use the pieces with the glue gun and a shaky hand to create little animal thingies with the caps for bases. I need to make at least 12. I have a cat, a turtle, an owl, and another birdy (almost) so just 8 more to go!
like my new avatar? It's demon form Chrno, he's having a sad moment. When is it, that i'll get over my eye fetish? I love eyes! I draw them all the time! Almost as much as i collect obituaries! I know it's morbid, but that just something i do. I did at least know them, or know their kid, sister/brother, uncle/aunt, cousin, a friend of.. you get the idea right?
Back to the sculpture thing. Marlene (the teacher) told me to write down everything that i'm thinking about as i make each one. My thoughts are insane! Really no one wants to know what i'm really thinking! Anyways let the insanity ensue! *runs away to glue again*
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sleepy ash

counting the days...

well its the 23rd, soon to be the 24th, and that means well i'll go with it being the 24th for less confusion, 17 days, til my 25th birthday... April 10th, for even less confusion.

that's all i wanted to say.