June 15th, 2005

sleepy ash

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OMG I almost forgot how to post a journal entry here! Well technically I did forget, didn't i?
Canadian Isol is on the tube on mute so that 9pm doesn't pass by me. I can't miss 'Dancing With the Stars' *shakes fist* Those Judges better be nice to my Kelly tonight! *the only reason im watching it* Those Assholes....
Well free'd up some more space on my harddrive yesturday. I made 10 disc full of InuYasha episodes and OP/ED wordless clips. That gave me 9 GB freespace. 7.91 GB today. I've got a d/l addiction! Or perhaps a Anime one?
I'm listening to a Drama CD track in Japanese right how, and I'm begining to understand it... Renji's voice is just so kawaii!
I'm currently watching the following animes: Bleach, Gundam SEED Destiny, Tsubasa Chronicle, LOVELESS, Trinity Blood, Erementar Gerad, and Tsukuyomi Moon Phase. I think i've got enough for now. x_x
Then there's the OST's and J-pop addiction, and the manga! Currently reading: Tsubasa, LOVELESS, Trinity Blood, D.N.Angel, anything i find and d/l, Bleach --well sort of-- :p

Da Baby iz teething... top and bottom, so she is cranky at night keeping both Jan and Tammi awake. Guess what? I get to see them again on Sunday, this time here not there. I can't believe he got a job at Western it's just too wierd, having them so close.

There was the shooting behind my twin building. From now on i'll think all things that sound like fireworks are gun shots, even if they are actually fireworks.
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