September 14th, 2006

sleepy ash

Is that true?

Is there really no such thing as bad publicity?
Well WTF? Tell that to members, who much like anyone here, are just ppl who joined up to blog, only with 1 common trait: Gothic. Now if you've been under a rock since yesturday, Wednesday September 13th, you've heard about the Dawson College shooting in Montreal.  You've maybe also heard that the shooter, Kimveer Gill, 25, enjoyed playing an online RPG about the Columbine shootings. Where did they get most, if not all of this information? Collapse )
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sleepy ash

Supernova!!!! err---

Well Rockstar "Fill in Name Here"

so um, yeah, not that im bitter or not saddened by the events in Montreal and talked about in the entry made just before this one but--

WTF? Lukas Rossi, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, WON and is now the lead singer of the band, and NOTHING!!! None of the news ppl covered it, WTF? All I heard about was about who was dropped from Dancing With the Stars!!!!

And to make matters worse, Global TV, the ontario one, fucked up the broadcasting of the show!!! OMFG! For the first half of the hour show, all we saw were clips from the previous shows, which made Lukas come across as a complete asshole! And then around the 30min mark, we cut from commerical into the middle of Lukas performing, and Magni's completely missing! The whole time, i was like, What? Where? Where'd Magni go? WTF?

And then after the LOVELY announcement the Lukas was their boy, Lukas got Magni up on stage to perform with them, at which point I was like: THERE HE IS! with pointing action and all.
Article about the retarded monkies at Global here.