October 3rd, 2006

sleepy ash


This whole thing is just awful....
Awful I say, Awful!!

And i know my mood pic, is for 'good' but it's a Sakurai character, so i'm using it.

soubi_no_kissu was kind enough to read some things and tell me stuff, that maybe i didn't want to hear, but would have definately hated it to have found out later on, say 3 to 4 months from now, why I hadn't heard Sakurai in anything new. She's also made a post on seiyuu (here) talking a bit more about what he announced on a radio show.

I love his voice!
I will sincerely miss his voice.


i'm tired, so i'm going to bed.
sleepy ash

Sakurai Luv

Okies updated my site with a new addition....
Meine Liebe
Which of course has Sakurai in it.

Next up will be Innocent Venus, another Sakuari series.
And of course I'd also like to add Black Blood Brothers as well. ^^ (i wonder if i can find out some lovely bio info)

No this isn't a sudden love of Sakuari thingies....
Currently on the site: Geneshaft, FFVII:AC, Gravitation, Getbackers, Haruka, Bleach, Gakuen Heaven, and Sukisho.
I've also been thinking about adding Karas for some time, as well as Black Cat.

The Site.