October 10th, 2006

sleepy ash


Excuse me while i try out this S2 thingy....
Hope i don't kill my Journal lookness.

But check out that Kyouya avie/icon.

edit: LOL. FAIL.
That's supposed to be easier to use?
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sleepy ash

Because a friend did...

So a friend of mine counted the number of pages on his website awhile ago, and I thought it would be interesting to know how many i had too. So after a long period of time I finally counted mine. >____>

And the total amount of pages I have is 798 !!?!!
Really? Wow, that's a lot of bloody pages.
Who knew, I'd have so many? And 9 of those sections don't even have bio pages yet. -_-''

My next new Avie/icon...

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sleepy ash

I wonder...

how much anime im trying to watch...
I made a list by days relased...

Sunday: Marginal Prince
Monday: Innocent Venus
Tuesday: D. Gray Man, Death-Note, Shounen Onmyouji, Bleach (not currently viewing)
Wednesday: KIBA
Thursday: Code Geass
Friday: Black Blood Brothers (i highly reccomend this one)
Saturday: Night Head, Tsubasa (not currently viewing)

so minus 2 (not currently viewing)
Leaves me with... 9..? is that right? O.O wow.   ▼   ▲
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