October 29th, 2006

sleepy ash

phew.. finally.

I just re-arranged my Haruka music.
It's no longer a mess.
And no longer 'organized' by Album.
It's now origanized by Seiyuu ^__^

I had 3 copies of  Kageri no Fuuin, and 3 of  Kageri no Fuuin Hachiyo-Sho Version.
Just 2 examples of why i needed to do something about it.
Perhaps this will make sharing easier. XD
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sleepy ash

Sharing... again >.>

A Request from My SIte for Saint Beast Lost.1 Vocal Best of the Saint Beast. So i''m sharing it here too.

Collapse )

Hiroyuki Luv!
and Morikawa, Sakurai, Miyata, Sugita & of course SuzuKen too! ^_^

Oh! Oh! Oh!
Toys 'R' Us called me today!
I got the job!
I start tomorrow night @ 10pm!
So i'm a tad nervous, and excited at the same time!
however, i'll be spending less time on here, and irc now.
This week I work: Monday-Thursday, not completely sure on the times yet, but whatever, it's work.