November 9th, 2006

sleepy ash


Went for a walk to the corner to look at things. Was gonna go yesturday, but opted to sleep instead.
Should have slept today too. @_@  As soon as I got there, i felt like crap.  Getting sick now, is not an option. I work tomorrow night. :/ and then Saturday night too.

Anyways uploaded this at: seiyuu so sharing it here too. the other 3 can be found here. (friends locked naturally)
Trinity Blood File #04 - ROMAN HOLIDAY
Drama CD + BGM (ANime Drama CDs, mind you not the other ones >>)
On the walk I picked up a book for $1.  The Business Guide to Japan. >_>"  I know it's weird, but it was only a dollar, lolz.
So now I can read it, and learn more useless facts, XD
I then stopped at the Dollar Store...
Saw a pack of 6 Brain teasers, no i didn't buy them, but one of them was just like the one Haruhi gives to Tamaki to try to solve. ^___^
I did pick up some candy. And found a Chopin CD.... >_>
I blame la corda, lolz.
also picked up a sprite.

Last nite.. late last nite, I was trying to type up Zelman's bio, and was falling asleep... most finish it tonight, or not until Sunday night, if im not working. -_-"

... i got one of those slight fevers that make you feel like shit.