November 11th, 2006

sleepy ash

could be scary...

So this coming week I work Wednesday - Saturday, and with Heather & Sonya, so a t least that is something...
However what hits shelves on Friday the 17th?  The PS3.... I hope the evil ppl outside (i assume there will be some lining up between 5-8am, there was for Elmo) aren't to evil.
And then there's Saturday which turns into Sunday... what comes out on Sunday the 19th? The Wii.... -_-"
I work tonight as well. 2 weeks in a row of working the weekend... u__u Hence no anime friday via YTV for me.

Maybe Sunday night i'll complete my Zelman bio... at least to epi 9.  He was so cool in 10 tho. ^___^
I'm gonna try to hit Wal-mart on monday and check out their calendars, and maybe hit a mall.  I still gotta make a list of sorts for my Aunt, who drew my name. Also got a Music request (2) via my site to fill out.

But i was serious about those christmas cards, really, but if no one is interested...

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