November 15th, 2006

sleepy ash

Morita Share-age

Here we go some luv for Morita Masakazu

Gundam SEED Destiny Suit 7 - Auel x Sting


Beat Collection Second Session 01 -ICHIGO KUROSAKI & ZANGETSU-

By the way i'm still searching for Kiniro no Corda music.
I did find this site. It's for searching for Neoramance related things, but it's in Japanese, so I can't navigate it well/at all. but if anyone else can, and can find music, that would be great. ^^

edit: well if nothing else i found a bunch of blogs with fanArt ^_^U
This one has some really nice art ^^

ooo MIDI site, which is better than nothing, IMO.
I think i'm doing pretty good, since my clicks are completely random. XD