November 27th, 2006

sleepy ash

Must Vote

It's the day of the very important bi-election here in rather oddly for this time of year, London, Ontario.
Canada's Parties: Blue, Green, Red, Orange *ahem* The Green Pary, The Liberals (Red), The Conservatives (Blue), and the NDP (Orange).....

Elizabeth May's got my vote. :D
I just gotta make my way to the Public school behind us sometime between now & 8:30pm. I'd walk, but people get stabbed back there. My Dad said it's election day, it'll be too busy for that sort of thing, to which I said: yeah they'll opt for the driveby way instead.

I love that I live in the bad part of town. And I love how Dianne Haskett's (Blue Party) HQ is across the street from me. But i'm not voting for her. No way.

If you care, vote Green.
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