January 12th, 2007

sleepy ash

\o --> Here!

Let's see haven't posted since my Kyoshiro babble...
So let's see... Decided to do a major 'overhaul' of my site.

Also known to me as: The WTF were you thinking by changing the layout this way?!??!
Do you know the level of work this means?

No, of course not, or I would have picked another idea.
Anyways, Checkers anyone?  Throw in Dark for good measure. And then basically kill all colour, while making it rather happily filled with graphics.
You've got to be frellin' kidding me?
I'm insane. This conversation proves it.

[Pan back to the real world]
Decided to watch Kyou Kara Maou, thus extending my Konishi 'Kyou' titles to 2.  And god i hope JunJun isn't in either of these. I'm on Jun overload as it is. XD

[Fade back to the site]
It's too big! 800+ pages is too much for one person! (it really is a lot of pages) But imagine if each section at least had basic bios... What a mess that would be!  So naturally I made a cry for help on one of the Haruka related communities for any profile info for the character of Haruka. That's great, just great... cuz you know what that means... if i get info, then i've gotta make bio pics, which means i'll need images, and all i really have is LQ-MQ subbed eps of the series on 1 disc somewhere. I do have some caps on my computer already...  BUT they are mainly all of  Akuram for Ryoutarou was why i was watching it in the first place, XD

[Sound of a Whip]
Op, back to work.

Beware the mess, by do stop by: The Site
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