January 22nd, 2007

sleepy ash

A Distant Memory

When something happens similar to that I remember.
I remember how Iaclassmate of mine at the time, Dennis, said that he & someone else almost got into that car.
They were at a party at someone's house, and being all responsible and everything they got into a car with a person who had not been drinking. I mean these were 16 & 17 year olds. And some fucking truck driver who fell asleep while driving, sure it was December and it was snowy, but that's not what caused it. Anyways threes boys, 2 died, and one was critical injured.

It's just like the accident on Friday, Highway 26 outside Meaford. Only in this case there were 5 in a SUV, 4 dead and 1 is in critical condition at Sunnybrook in Toronto. The driver of the van is in hospital in Owen Sound. What happened exactly? Who knows. The SUV rolled over several times, the roads were snow packed. All anyone knows is that 4 boys are dead, and that they will never play hockey again.  Since it seems they were driving home after finding out their hockey game had been canceled due to weather.

Rest In Piece: Michael Fleming, Drew Perry, Andrew McKean (all 16), and Morgan Fitzgerald (17)
Michael O'Hara... I'll be thinking of you.

Always remembered: Micah Cosens, & Shaun Musselman
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sleepy ash

okay small rant...

Am i the only person to notice the obvious?
In in IRC, there's 4 of us active.
Someone says that a show was good til the end. (with me so far?)
The downloader says they'll find out in a hour... (good still?)
So I say: Not unless you watch the end first.  (I thought it was clever, cheesy but figured they'd get it)

Conclusion: Went right over their heads. WTF?

The one that said it was good until the end replied with: That's not a spoiler.

Okay done now. ^^
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