January 28th, 2007

sleepy ash


but really, joy joy joy!
Bought some anime yesturday, watched some anime yesturday... tho the watching was after 12am so really that was today.
Got a Faerie yesturday too. err- yesterday? is that how you spell it? all this time i've been spelling it yesturday, and FF's been putting that red line under it telling me it's wrong... oh well.

Anyways, yesterday we were in Kitchener-Waterloo (used to live there 3 yrs ago), my mom wanted to eat at this resturant there called Country Boy. So i said 'Hey let's go to the Fairview' (a mall) 'and and best buy, and toys r us, they're close.. i think'
Well the mall was under construction, >.<   The wal-mart there was bigger then i remember it.  The food court was a 1/4 the size it used to be, with all the construction taking up any free space, and then some. Sunrise's anime section in a word... SUCK. However HMV got some of my money...   Anime bought: A bundle of Trinity Blood vol 1 with Basilisk vol 1 ($34.95 - would have been $34.95 w/o basilisk but why would i buy that one? for the same amount of money), also Trinity Blood vol 3 ($25.99). Fled that mall for Best Buy, which had vol 2 ($25.99). Hit Toys R Us, stumbled upon the faeries... the Barbie ones... Magic of the Rainbow. Picked out 'Glee' Her wings were the best. The moon one was nice, but her wings were gay.

Also completed the preparations for the Seiyuu Contest on that evil forum, and those teams will die.