March 5th, 2007

sleepy ash

so training...

training wednesday at 11:15am - 5:15pm ... @_@
What the hell will they be teaching? to take that long?
What about lunch?

Also no more late nights for me. I'll be getting up at 6am.. work starts at 8am... time to be an early riser.
part time. 10 - 20 hrs per week... it's a start,  right?
sleepy ash

okies... Zed's mom...

I pray for her death.. is that evil?

Completed watching Chrome.. err i mean Cluster Edge today. Minus all those recap episodes with different characters doing the voice overs it was a good series. I think that's why i got through it so quick, lol. I swear there was a moment where 2 eps in a row were recaps! Or maybe even 3!  So the moral is... they should have made the series 13 eps instead of 25.

Yes I was watching it soling for Yocchin, or at least that was my intent when I first started d/ling the eps, but since starting to view Tokyo Majin, Agate's seiyuu was important as well. Also a couple others.... Like FukuJun! Thought I wasn't going to mention him, didn't you?
Yoshino Hiroyuki as Chrome
Fukuyama Jun as Beryl Jasper
Shimono Hiro as Agate Fluorite
Kishio Daisuke as Fon Aina Sulfur
Suzuki Tatsuhisa as No. 1 (Chrome Team) <-- i called him the eye-patch guy
Suzuki Chihiro as No. 2 (Chrome Team)
Kiuchi Hidenobu as Hematite Ramsbeckite
Kamiya Hiroshi as Rhodo Chrosite <-- oh.. that's why his voice was familar... >.>''''

I managed to squeeze la corda into my Clusters watchings... i mean between Yunoki and Fon... i lean towards Fon XD and between Shimizu and Beryl i lean towards Beryl... I feel like i'm forgeting something.. oh well.. Hihara love!

does anyone else just randomly pick their moods by the picture?

edit: oh! la corda 9 has been subbed so maybe watching of that is in order. ^^

edit #2: lolz i made a Konitan colourbar and forgot to put Haji on it. Now I find that funny. XD See my profile to see it.