March 21st, 2007

sleepy ash

Just... One... More...

Shounen Onmyouji... Just one more episode... the episode I really don't want to see either.
I'm trying to prepare myself for it though... Maybe they will go a different direction then the drama cd... what do you think?

Anyways... been uploading random requests for random ppl on the forum today.. waste not as they say...
X/1999 OST - SendSpace
Sukisho! OST I - MediaFire
Sukisho! OST II - SendSpace

Got my 4-Disc collectors set of  "One Missed Call" yesterday. It's nice. Haven't looked at it yet though.  But for $35.99 you can't go wrong.  I saw just One Missed Call, single DVD for $36.99 in a store. This one has the sequel, and bonus features.  The first one kinda freaked me out, which is unusual.  Haven't seen the 2nd one.

Changed the character focus layout on my site. It's now featuring Guren, be sure to check it out. Added Code Geass to it as well, minus bios, had to go to bed, so never got them done. :/

Day off tomorrow! ^_^  Friday will be Hellish though. There's some Jockey Event that's gonna go on. >.> ?  No clue on what that means, other then even more work to shove into just 2 hrs. You see I'm stuck doing to sections with no direction at all. First 2 hrs in the Lingerie section, and then over to Ladies accessories for the remainder of my shift, which isn't really 2hrs, since i have a break around 10:30am. Oh joys, of getting up at 6am.  @_@

edit: oh! one more thing. Super thanks to kawaii_gaara for giving me the romaji for Bus Stop by Yocchin! After all, as anyone on my friends list should know.... Yocchin's my... my... favouritest favourite seiyuu!!