April 2nd, 2007

sleepy ash


Thanks to: tastystirfry, (game stats) I got some basic bio pages from my newly added Tokyo Majin section ready. However due to the crappiness of my connection today I can't get the FTP to connect. >.<  Also having issues with loading pages, and connecting to villageIRC (mIRC).. but i usually have problems with village. :/

D/led a HQ verison of the first ep of Guren-Lagann, a show i'm not even sure I like or not. XD
Watched Iroha 25 (2nd last ep). It started and I was like WTF is going on? Did I watch last week's? *opens 24* Yes, yes, i did. *puts 25 on again and stares confused at it* Not too surprising that i'm completely lost on that series, I don't even really like it. XD I tend to get bored while watching it, and skip ahead to the Akizuki parts. So ultimate showdown this friday then, i guess. >.>

Saint Beast! Saint Beast! Tomorrow's the 3rd!
Okay so...

Saint Beast: Kouin Jojishi Tenshi Tan (Prequel)

Byakko no Gai - Yoshino Hiroyuki
Fuge no Maya - Suzumura  Kenichi
Genbu no Shin - Sakurai Takahiro
Head Priest Pandora - Fukuyama Jun
Houou no Ruka - Midorikawa Hikaru
Kagero no Shiva - Toriumi Kousuke
Kirin no Yuda - Ishida Akira
Ryusei no Kira - Sugita Tomokazu
Seiryuu no Gou - Morikawa Toshiyuki
Shujaku no Rei - Miyata Kouki

I love this cast. ^_^