May 10th, 2007

sleepy ash

1/1-scale Gundam model

That's one big model Gundam. XD

Okay so I've watched Close the Last Door like 6 times now. It's actually the only anime I've watched this week. >.> Well it does have SuzuKen and Morikawa Toshiyuki in it. And I love both of them.. and it's yaoi and all >>
Maybe I should look into finding the manga for it.

Watched Lex tonight... err i mean Smallville and only paid attention to the Lex parts.
Watched Supernatural and tried to only pay attention to the Dean parts. I mean i'm watching it for Jensen, I don't care about the other ppl in it. Tho I was hoping to get to see Samantha Ferris. And when ever I do see her, I want to go watch my Gundam Wing tapes. XD She voiced Sally Po, after all. ^_^
Katharine Isabelle was in it too, again. I prefer to see her bad ass like, instead of poor me... i need a protector!  I mean she pulled the sword out of the stone on Stargate SG1 and shut up those idiots who thought she shouldn't be wasting her time learning how to fight. >.>

My uniform is in one word..... HOT. I was sweating from to minute I started working, and then it got worse when I went out into the hot bloody sun. I have to wear black pants, and shoes with my stupid bloody hot shirt >.<  But at least I like Linens better then the other 2 sections i was in. ^^

OMFG.. side note copy & paste from
Warner Bros. Bans Advance Screenings in Canada
Warner Bros. has banned all advance screenings of its films in Canada, claiming piracy is rife in the country. The studio's forthcoming releases Ocean's Thirteen and Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix won't be shown north of the US border ahead of their release after Warner executives decided copyright laws in Canada fail to sufficiently protect films from being illegally copied. They claim 70 percent of Warners' releases in the last 18 months have been pirated in Canada. At present, it is not a criminal offence in the country to record movies in theatres for personal use. Darcy Antonellis, Warner Bros senior vice president of anti-piracy operations says, "Canada does have the highest camcording rate (by individuals in theaters) of any other territory. This is eliminating one of the avenues of leaks that we have already identified." Last year 20th Century Fox threatened to delay the release of its films in Canada in a bid to combat piracy.

FU too, WB, your values truly suck anyway. Wait they are making (rather have made) another ocean's  11 sequel? the US film industry sucks, muchly. Most of the pirated crap comes out of the US anyway. XD This solves nothing.
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