May 23rd, 2007

sleepy ash


Got my MAY Animage from in Toronto today!
Just looking at it now... *drool*
While un-packing it I pulled it out of the package and the back was face up with a Kyoshiro DVD ad! *drool*
And and and and... all my favourites are in it! :D
I'll post again later, after maybe calming down and doing some scans.
sleepy ash

At the risk of getting yelled at....

I ordered a few more magazines and things from Akadot Retail.
So the order is:
PASH! 05 May 2007
Newtype Romance 04 2007 Spring

<-- because it was a clearance for $1.00

Special Order (aka may or may not receive it) - BeansA (Ace) Vol. 05
Back Order - Bleach: Chibi Byakuya Key Chain  (x2)

So now I think i'll take a small break from ordering mags online. XD