May 28th, 2007

sleepy ash


Got my 2 NewTypes today from the UPS Customer Service center thing on the edge of the city, or rather outside of the city, since we pass farms to get there.
So April & May are covering parts of my bed.  The Cell charm is in front of me, too bad my cell is loop challenged, as it were. lol
So i here by plug Akadot Retail, great site for tons of stuff. Much more reliable from ordering mags then from kikiwai, or at least NewType ones. Animage & Animedia are easy to get from there tho, and cheaper Shipping wise for me. XD akadot is in the states, but they have a good selection of things. ^___^

So 2 more UPS packages from akadot should be arriving on Thursday & Friday, but no clue when i'll be able to pick them up. The friday one is Shonen Onmyouji – Animation book, of which i'm most excited for. ^___^
I figure that one will be a Monday pick up tho, sadly.

And last night I went to and ordered 3 DVDs >.>''''
Death Trance

No not the US movie: Pulse, but the Japanese one.  All 3 are Japanese films. ^^
Mail & Pulse are Horrors, & Death Trance because I enjoyed starring at Sakaguchi Tak in Shinobi and figured I could star at him in this one too.

Also Dropping Guren-Lagann
Collapse )

It's my Mom's b-day tomorrow and I've had her gift forever, and it's wrapped already, with a few dust layers on it. XD  Picked up the card last week. It's an Ellen card. lol

Back to anime... gonna look at  Kiss Dum - Engage Planet. There doesn't seem to be much for subs of this series but the cast seems good.
(Copy/Paste from

Aya Endo as Noa Rukina
Daisuke Ono as Syuu Aiba
Nana Mizuki as Yuno Rukina

Yuuichi Nakamura as Syuu Nanao
Akeno Watanabe as Iera Hamon
Katsuyuki Konishi as Masaki <-- ooooo Konitan
Kenji Nomura as Roki Demon
Marina Inoue as Tohn Kirii
Ryoka Yuzuki as Rei
Saori Yumiba as Kyouka Iburi
Satomi Akesaka as Varda
Shinji Kawada as Aguri Io
Yuka Iguchi as Vaire
Yuko Kaida as Itsuki Sasara

And where the hell are SB & Koutetsu?
I want my eps!
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