June 11th, 2007

sleepy ash

not even 11 pm....

Okay one of 2 things can happen... I go to sleep nowish, & wake up early (8amish) or try to stay up and work on my code geass bio images.  It's now like sleep is that important tho. XD  Used to go w/o it often enough, or with only a few hrs a night.  I'm the type of person who will go to work or school or whatever even if i feel like death. XD This one time I hadn't eaten for 2 days and I still marched in at 7:30am.  It was Edition  hand in day.  I'd have gotten a 0 if i hadn't.  Last week when i had my fever, I got ready to go to work and my mom told me to go back to bed. XD

Bio pic images vary on my site, this is what Code's will look like. I was tempted to write the names by hand with my graphic pen, but since im not too good with it yet, I decided against it. 13 more images to do, and then I need to do the bio pages themselves.

Anime news: Saw the preview for Baccano! (Yocchin); almost died looking at n_____ drops (can't remember the first word); And bought the boxset for Chrno Crusade yesterday. ^^ Of which i watched all 24 eps of yesterday too. XD  No wonder i'm tired. I was up late, and had to get up for work at 6am. Tuesday off. ^^