June 18th, 2007

sleepy ash


what the hell did i do to my thumb today?  hurts like hell when i use it or bend it, that sort of thing.
Sure i earned a cardboard cut on it today, but i don't remember whacking, or crushing it today. I was moving some heavy boxes full of towels and things tho... so maybe i pulled something then..?
At least i have tomorrow off.  Also have Thursday off. ^^  Of course it's gonna rain all day tomorrow. XD

Almost finished watching Dear Boys... It must end on an unfinished note.  there's not enough eps left.  But the Yocchin appearance was a happy happy bonus! ^_^

ugh i feel a migraine coming along too, so maybe it's bed time, ne?
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    Medaka ga Mita Nij by Takada Kozue