July 5th, 2007

sleepy ash

Back Order is in!

Okay so my back order from Akadot Retail is in! So that means: BeansA (Ace) Vol. 05, & Bleach: Chibi Byakuya Key Chain will soon be in my hands! But I decided to add to my order, cuz i figured why not at this point. Plus shipping is shipping right? So added was: PASH! 07 July 2007, Animage 07 July 2007 & Animedia 07 July 2007. I was going to get the last two from kikwai but i'd have to wait til sometime next month.  My big concern is customs. They like to suck up more money then um... some kind of big money sucking thing. lol

Neo Tokyo - Setup a pre-order of sorts for AIR TV which starts to come on in August, i think. So yay! Should hopefully get Shounen Onmyouji vol 1 next week, if the order was big enough to ship. *crosses fingers*

And puff this years Fan Expo looks so good! Doubt I'll be going tho. My mom won't let me go to Toronto by myself. XD
August 24 - 26 - Hobby Star's site.
I'd now like to draw attention to..... Gavin Blair
Who is Gavin Blair you ask? *whacks random people with sticks*
- a CGI Animation pioneer.
- the animator for the ground breaking Dire Straits music video, Money For Nothing

Why do I care you ask?
Just mix in a few more names: Ian Pearson, Phil Mitchell, John Grace, & the year 1994, and what do you get?
Hint: first ever CGI animated television series
Answer: ReBoot

Now to you Pixar fans.. no Toy Story DID NOT come first. Nor to I like Pixar's style.
(Toy Story was in 1995, btw)

ooo The Art of ReBoot... kinda makes you want to buy it.. sorta.

Back on track here: Mainframe Entertainment. If you say CGI or computer animation, I'll say, Mainframe. Though they are now part of Rainmaker. (<-- site sucks, i say go look at mainframe's site, even though it's no longer being updated.) I still want to own stock. lol

Biggest part of ReBoot?  <-- ReBoot Season 3 started my Voice Actor love. ^^ Which lead to the seiyuu *cough*obsession*cough* i have now.

Now to close off with a picture.... *searches HD*
err--- they are on a disc somewhere lol
Link to a pic.